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Government of India has started online registration for khelo India Youth Games 2020 at After the huge success of the first khelo India Youth Game 2018 and khelo India Youth Game 2019, online registrations for khelo India Youth Games 2020 have started for players across the country.
KIYG 2020 is being considered as the next (third) edition of the Khelo India program. In Khelo India School Games Part 3, the government has expanded its scope and now participants can compete in various sports. Apart from this, in KIYG 2020, students of colleges and universities can also compete in the specified sports on YouthGames in the Khele India Youth Games list / fixtures.
Another special feature of the Khelo India Youth Games 2020 is that this national level competition is not going to be held in New Delhi or Pune, but will be held in Guwahati from 18 January to 30 January 2020. khelo india 2020 registration

Khelo India Youth Games 2020 online registration

  • First of all, go to the official website of Khelo India
  • Now the new registration page will open in front of you. Here candidates can choose the category like Athelete, Coach, Manager, Technical Official and can register for Khelo India Youth Games 2020. Pre-registered candidates can directly login KYIG 2020

  • Participants must select the "athlete category". On the homepage, click on the link "Athlete" under the section New User Registration
  • Here candidates can enter all the details correctly to register for Khelo India Youth Games 2020.

Khelo India Youth Games 2020 – Games List/Schedule

To get the complete list and schedule information for the Khelo India Youth Games 2019, click on the link below and visit the Khelo India portal khelo india youth games 2019 schedule

What is khelo india Program

The importance of sports and fitness in one's life is priceless. Playing the game enhances team spirit, develops strategic and analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking. A fit and healthy person leads to an equally healthy society and a strong nation.
Sports is an extremely important component for the overall development of our nation. India has made steady progress in the field of sports in the last few years. There is a need to show this tremendous potential on a global platform. It is time that we inspire young talent, give them the highest level of infrastructure and training. We need to develop a strong sense of participation in sports that enables players to demonstrate their true potential. Only then can India realize its dream of becoming a sports superpower.
The Kheto India program has been introduced to revive the sports culture at the grassroots level in India by creating a strong framework for all sports played in our country and establishing India as a great sports nation.
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Fixed deposit?

Fixed deposits are a type of financial instrument offered by banks that are considered one of the safest investment options available. Fixed deposits offer a higher interest rate than a regular savings account. Banks offer flexibility in the selection of fixed deposit holdings that can vary from 10 days to 10 years. Interest rates on fixed deposits depend on several factors, such as the tenure of the deposit, the financial situation, the amount of the investment, banking policies. And apart from this, banks and financial institutions offer several features added to the general fixed deposit, such as the deposit-in-deposit facility, the fixed tax-saving deposit. In other words, the fixed deposit offers a greater return on investment, greater flexibility, greater stability and protection of money earned with effort by investors.

Why should choose Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits offer several features and benefits, which makes it one of the most popular investment options for depositors. We have explained below some reasons why we should choose fixed deposits.

1. Guaranteed Return on Investment

Fixed deposits provide a guaranteed return on investment. Deposit interest rates apply (at the time of investment), which banks pay to invest in their investments and fixed deposits are always risk free.

2. High return

The interest rate on Fixed deposits is higher than the income from savings accounts. The interest rate on time deposits ranges from 3% to 9.20% per year, depending on the period of bank and individual investment.

3. Premature or partial withdrawal

The Fixed Deposit with Premature Withdrawal facility allows the depositor to close the Fixed Deposit before the expiration period. However, the account holder will have to pay the bank a premature fine for withdrawing the amount from the fixed deposit before the deposit period. But some banks also offer premature withdrawals without penalty charge. On the other hand, with fixed deposits without premature withdrawal, depositors cannot withdraw the amount of the fixed deposit before the deposit period.

4. Credit card benefits

Anyone holding a fixed deposit can avail a credit card secured against it

5. Flexible Deposit Tenure Options

Fixed deposit comes with flexible tenor option which can be from 7 days to 10 years. Fixed deposit interest rates also vary with different tenure options. However, account holders can only invest in tax-linked fixed deposits for a period of 5 years and 10 years.

And there are many similar reasons why people should choose fixed deposits.
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The Income Tax Department has started the online application process to create an e-PAN card. It is a simple and hassle free process and online application requires only Aadhar Card 12 digit biometric number. Aadhaar number can be used as proof of identity (ID), address and date of birth (D.O.B.). Now people can easily apply online for e-PAN
And also I would like to tell that the income tax department which had launched the beta version of the instant e-PAN service on its official website, has just been discontinued, but the income tax department has said to completely re-launch Will go

Apply online for e-PAN card using Aadhaar card number

  • Applicant must have a valid Aadhaar number or digital signature to get e-PAN
  • And also make sure that your Aadhaar is linked to your mobile number
  • An applicant can apply for e-PAN through NSDL or UTI
To apply e-PAN online, click on the link given below and visit UTI portal

Now click on "Apply for new PAN Card (Form 49A)" option

Then select "digital mode" to get instant ePAN. Under the digital mode, applicants are not required to submit physical copy and the application form will be signed using Aadhaar-based e-signature or digital signature.

While applying, the applicant has the option to choose whether he / she wants a physical PAN card and e-PAN or both. If you need an e-PAN as well as a physical PAN card, you will have to pay Rs 107, and if you only need an e-PAN then the fee will be Rs 66.

Benefits of instant e-pan card

  • Currently, applicants are required to fill the form and submit a document which is up to 15 days in order to obtain a PAN card. Now those who want to apply for e-PAN immediately, they have to enter basic details like name, address, Aadhaar details. Applicants have to verify their details by using a one-time password (OTP) on their registered mobile phone number.
  • Aadhaar already has details such as address, father's name and date of birth, so no physical documents will need to be uploaded. However, applicants need to ensure that their Aadhaar details are correct in case of data mismatch as the application may get rejected.
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Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

How to Choose the Best Lawyer

How do you choose the lawyer that best suits your needs? Choosing a legal service is like choosing another product or service. Intelligent consumers conduct thorough investigations before making informed decisions. After obtaining several attorney referrals with expertise in the appropriate practice area, each candidate must be carefully investigated. Here are four steps to choose the lawyer that best suits your legal needs. car accident lawyer

  • Perform a background check
  • Visit the attorney's office
  • Candidate interview
  • Ask other lawyers 

Perform a background check 

Before hiring a lawyer, contact the Disciplinary Office of Lawyers in your state to confirm that they are capable standing as a member of the bar. For an online list of disciplinary agencies from each state, check out this directory of disciplinary agencies for lawyers. You should always check references, especially if you are looking for a lawyer through the internet. car accident lawyer

Visit the attorney's office

You can find a lot of information about lawyers by looking at their law office. So ask for a tour of your office beyond the office or meeting room where you met. Is the law office clean, orderly and efficient? What kind of support staff does the lawyer appoint? Are the staff friendly and helpful? Is the lawyer's office readily available locally? You should check all these things in advance car accident lawyer

Candidate interview 

The best way to assess a lawyer's legal ability is to interview them. Consider some questions below to interview car accident lawyer

  • What experience does a lawyer have in your type of lawsuit?
  • How long have they actually been?
  • What is their success record?
  • Are there any special skills or certifications?
  • What are the fees and how are they organized?
  • Who else works in your case and what is their rate?
  • Do they outsource important legal tasks to work?
  • What are the additional costs besides attorney's fees (postage, filing, copying, etc.)?
  • How often are you charged?
  • Can you provide referrals from other customers?
  • Is there a written fee agreement or agency agreement? etc. 

Ask other lawyers 

abogados (Lawyers) know the skills and reputation of other lawyers. Lawyers can provide information about an associate lawyer that you cannot find in a book or online, such as information about ethics, skill level, behavior, practice habits and a lawyer's accident lawyer

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UP Jhatpat Connection Yojana was started by UPPCL (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited) to provide easy power connection. In accordance with this Jhatpat Connection scheme, uppcl uses an online process to ensure fast processing in the below poverty line (BPL) and poverty line (APL) families. Any consumer who wants a new electrical connection can now apply online at or at a public convenience store.
All consumers in the BPL category (BPL family) will only need to pay Rs 10 for the electrical connection and the APL family will have to pay Rs 100 for the electrical connection between 1 kW and 25 kW.

Online application process for new electricity connection

  • First of all, visit UPPCL's official website
  • On the homepage, click on "Apply for New Electricity Connection (Jhatpat Connection)" under CONNECTION SERVICES 'section.

  • Now you will see the electricity connection form login page
  • Now applicants have to click on "New Registration" button to open online registration form.

  • Here candidates can enter the name, date of birth, email ID, mobile number and click on the "Register" button to complete the new electricity connection registration process.

For more information see the PDF manual Click here For PDF

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                       1000+ Amazing Chinese Girl Photos 

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Biometric locking / unlocking is a service that allows the Aadhaar holder to lock and temporarily unlock their biometrics. The facility aims to strengthen the privacy and confidentiality of the resident's biometrics data. Once the Aadhaar Card Biometric Lock is installed, the fingerprint and iris data can be locked to the resident Aadhaar used for authentication. Locked Biometrics ensures that Aadhaar holders may not be able to use their biometrics (fingerprints / iris) for authentication. Therefore, if a person locks his Aadhar Biometrics using this facility, then he can keep his Biometrics data even more secure.

How to Lock /Unlock Aadhar Biometric Online?

Locking / unlocking Aadhaar biometrics is a very easy process. You have to follow the simple steps given below to lock / unlock biometrics online: -

  • To lock or unlock your biometrics, click on the link below and visit the online portal of UIDAI.
  • Now click on the My Aadhaar link in the menu and click on the link "Lock / Unlock Biometrics" from the Aadhaar Services section. - Direct Link

  • Now a new page will open in front of you, on which some rules and conditions will be shown to you, and you have to give your consent and click on the Lock / Unlock Biometrics button by putting a check mark in the blank box.

  • Now you have to enter 12-digit Aadhaar number and security code and now click on Send OTP option. Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number registered with your Aadhaar

  • Then you have to enter the 4-digit security code displayed on the page and after selecting the "Enable" option your biometrics will be locked when you click on the "Enable" option.

How to unlock your Aadhaar biometrics?

  • Now to unlock Aadhaar biometrics, you have to follow the same process again and login again on the Lock / Unlock Biometrics page. 
  • After login, you can unlock your Aadhaar biometrics again by clicking on the Unlock button and now you can use Aadhaar anywhere.

Key Features of Aadhaar Biometric Locking

  • To prevent the misuse of biometric authentication, UIDAI has made provisions through which users can prevent their biometrics from being used for authentication.
  • Once you lock your Aadhaar biometrics and then until the biometrics are unlocked or disabled, authentication from the biometric method will not be possible.
  • Under this service, the user's fingerprints and iris scan data are locked when the biometric is locked.
  • If you do not want to keep your biometrics locked, you can disable the biometric lock.
  • To avail this facility your mobile number must be registered with Aadhaar

Source : Unique Identification Authority Of India Portal (UIDAI)
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All farmer families can get assistance in 3 equal installments of Rs 2000 under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. According to the guidelines, the definition of family for PM-Kisan Yojana is husband, wife and minor children. The State Government and Union Territory Administration will identify those farmer families who are eligible for support as per the guidelines of the scheme. Below is the complete procedure to check the name in the PM Kisan Yojana beneficiary list on the official portal:

  • First of all, visit the official website of PM-KISAN scheme
  • On the home page of the website, scroll to the "Farmers Corner" link in the menu and then click on the "Beneficiary List" option.

pm kisan samman nidhi yojana new list

  • Now the district wise list of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana 2019 will be shown below

  • Now candidates can choose the name of the state, district, tehsil, block, village and click on the "Get Report" button to check their name in the list of beneficiaries of PM Kisan Yojana.

The assistance amount under PM Kisan Yojana will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. The first installment is to be provided for the period from 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2019 in the current financial year.
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Recently, CSC SPV has changed some of the services of DIGIPAY in its digital service portal and added some new services.
4.1 version of DIGIPAY has been updated by CSC Dowagi. Now money transfer service has also been provided to everyone in DigiPay.
If you want to take advantage of this new service of DIGIPAY, then for this you will have to update your DIGIPAY software or completely uninstall your old software and reinstall the new software. The link to download DIGIPAY 4.1 software is given below.

What's New in DIGIPAY 4.1 New Version

Some more new services have been added to the DIGIPAY 4.1 version, as well as software performance has been increased and some problems encountered in DIGIPAY have also been fixed.

DIGIPAY 4.1 Services
  • money transfer
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance inquiry
  • Bill payment and more.

DIGIPAY Download

 DIGIPAY 4.1 Download Click Here
 DIGIPAY Android  Click Here
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The Bihar Skill Development Mission (KYP) was launched by the state government in October 2016 to provide skill training to the youth. The KYP Program will empower the youth and provide them job opportunities to earn their livelihood. Under this Kaushal Yuva Mission, till now lakhs of youths have registered online and got jobs in it. Hence this KYP scheme has become very popular among the youth.
Under this program, youth will get skills as well as professional training to meet the growing market demand for skilled manpower. For this reason, the Government of Bihar is continuously opening up a wide network of training centers for various courses.
Candidates interested in the Skilled Youth Program (KYP) course or RTD course can apply online through the official website

Skilled youth program

Under this scheme, youths who have passed matriculation from 15 to 25 years will be given training in Hindi and English language and communication skills and basic computer knowledge.

Kushal Yuva Program 2019 Online Apply

  1. First of all you have to go to the official website of the scheme
  2. After that you have to click on the button of "New Applicant Registration" on the portal.
  3. After clicking on the button of "New Applicant Registration", the registration form will open in front of you, where you have to fill all the information asked.
  4. After completing your registration, you have to login on the portal. After login, the registration form for the Chief Minister Kaushal Yuva Program will open.
  5. Now you have to fill the information in which district you have to apply under it and complete the online registration under your Kushal Yuva Abhiyan.
All applicants applying online under the scheme are required to get their original documents checked at the District Registration and Counseling Center to avail the scheme. After scrutiny of documents and acceptance of officers / officials, applicants will be able to avail the scheme.

NOTE - Applicants of the Chief Minister Kushal Yuva Program must ensure the verification of the documents by reaching the DRCC with the necessary documents on any working day between 10 am and 5 pm on any working day within 30 days of applying online. .

Skilled Youth Program Eligibility

  • Applicant must be between 15 and 25 years of age on the date of application.
  • The applicant should be only matriculation ie 10th pass and not receiving any higher education, or maximum intermediate ie 12th pass and no higher education from a government recognized educational institution located in Bihar. Ho.
  • The applicant is a permanent resident of Bihar and has no employment or self-employment.
  • The applicant is not receiving any kind of allowance / scholarship / skill development facility / credit card / any kind of government assistance from any government source.
Source : Nishchay Portal 
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ERCMS (Existing Ration card Management System) is an abbreviation. Use of this application along with data of ration card holder and their members as well as information like their current / permanent address, mobile number, PAN number, age, date of birth, Aadhaar card, voter-ID, relationship with head of family, mapping Is done for. FPS, gas connection status, kerosene status, issuing authority, verification of authority etc.

How many types of users can work in ERCMS?

There are four types of users in ERCMS:

A. Admin User
B. DFSO (District Food Supply Office) User
C. AFSO (Assistant Food Supply Officer) User
D. Inspector Level User

What is the role definition of different users in ERCMS?

Admin User :ERCMS has authorization for all forms. The admin user can view all the master data that were imported from SIMS and has full authority for user management. He can view / edit / delete the ration card of any district, has rights to create user for user and DFSO login.

DFSO User : There is authorization for only one district. The DFSO user can only view / edit / delete the ration card of his / her district / all the users of that district and create a user for AFSO login.

AFSO User : There is authorization for only one block / tehsil. AFSO user can view / edit / delete only the ration card of their block / tehsil and can create user for inspector login.

Inspector User : There is authorization for only one or two villages and can only view / edit / delete ration card data of their villages.

What is User Management?

The user management section in ERCMS allows any administrator to perform the following activities:

A: User creation for ERCMS login
B: Changes the password for different levels of user
C: Total user number that is logged into ERCMS

Can an Admin user add / edit master data?

The master data is imported from SIMS and the administrator user can view the master data. It cannot edit / delete master data.

How many major "card types" are available in ERCMS?

1. APL (Above Poverty Line)
2. BPL (Below Poverty Line)

Who can be the NFSA head in ration card?

Female member of the family whose maximum age is in the family and who is more than 18 years. He is retained as "NFSA head" by the National Food Security Act.
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The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana beneficiary list is being prepared using SECC-2011 data, which can be viewed online by anyone on PMAY-U official website People can now easily see whether they will get the benefit of housing scheme by searching their name in Socio-Economic Caste Census-2011 database.
The process to check PMAY-U beneficiary list 2019 is very simple. The PMAY beneficiary list displays beneficiary name, father's name, survey code, beneficiary code, component name, city and state name. Which can be checked by anyone
Hello friends, today we are going to tell you in this article how you can check Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana's beneficiary list 2019 very easily

How to check your name in PMAY beneficiary list on

Although the list of beneficiaries of the PM Awas Yojana is not available for download, any person can verify whether his name is present in the beneficiary list. Below is the simple procedure to check your name in the PMAY beneficiary list.

Process to check name in PMAY-U beneficiary list

  • First of all you go to the PMAY-U official website
  • Now click on the "Search Benfciary" link in the menu of the website. After this you can check your name in the list through your Aadhaar number. Right now the option to search by name has been removed from the website, so you can see your name in your beneficiary list from your Aadhaar number 

Features of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

  • Beneficiaries are offered an interest subsidy of 6.5% on housing loans for 15 years
  • There is a specific allocation preference for ground floor properties, focusing on the individual abled as well as senior citizens
  • There is a rigorous use of environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies for building homes