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top 5 funny joke in english language👈😉

1.Pappu stood beside the door with guns.
Pappu s,wife: - What ar you doing here standing?
Pappu: - i am planning to hunt a lion.
Pappu wife: why not go?
Pappu: - A dog standing outside the house👈😉

2.Can a marsupial jump above a house? - in fact, a house doesn’t jump in the least 👈😉

3.What is  difference between a snowman and a snowwoman answer is - Snowballs 👈😉

4."Mom, wherever do tampons go?" "Where the babies come back from, darling." "In the stork?"👈😉

5.Today I found my 1st gray crotch hair. I got very excited, but not as much as the other people in the lift 👈😉

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