Pan card application form Update : To make a PAN card, the need to fill the name of the father is over, the big change happened in PAN card Form 49A

Pan card application formLet me know Income Tax Department was suggested. That father's name is not mandatory for a single mother's child. Which has been approved by the Income Tax Department. Now the father's name is not mandatory for making a PAN card, so the change in the PAN Card Form 49A.

Pan card application form 49A Update 

The mandate of the father's name has been abolished by the Income Tax Department, and according to the draft, the rule of income tax has been changed to 114, so now give the name of father to the parents of Single Mother to make a PAN card. Not necessarily

Firstly, let us tell you that in the rule of income tax rule 114, the method of making a PAN card has been given, according to this rule two forms given for making PAN card. 49A and 49AA And it was necessary to mention the father's name for application in this form, which has been modified. The PAN Card Form 49A has now been changed.

If you apply for PAN card now, you will have to use Form 49A to create a new PAN card, if you now use the old form to create a PAN card then your form will be rejected.

Pan card application form 49A  DOWNLOAD 

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